J1 Intern/trainee


(6 to 18 months)

The Trainee / Intern Program provides opportunities for young professionals, recent University /College graduates from outside the USA to enhance their experience and studies through training “on the Job” in the U.S.A.

Trainees /Intern should have a University/College Degree, be a final year student, or have three (3) years cumulative experience in the career field.

Typically placements may exist for qualified individuals in Hospitality and other fields. IRSS through a partner network, as well as our direct support with employers, seeks to place qualified participants in six (6) to eighteen (18) months programs. (Hospitality industry placements are limited to twelve -12- months).

Training positions may include, but are not limited to Management Trainee, Operations Trainee, Hotel Position Trainees (Rooms Division, Food and Beverage, Customer Service Trainee, Banquet Trainee, etc.).

Positions can start anytime during the year and are based upon the needs of an employer (Host Company).

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