We fill these needs by offering three (3) types of work category , J1 Work and Travel---May to September ,J1 Internship----12 months rotation (preferably Hospitality graduates)
H2B--- qualified adults with previous work experience in Hospitality or other fields

If you have a continuing need for seasonal staff, and the local labor pool has been insufficient to meet your peak season needs, consider the use of legal Foreign Nationals to staff these and other periods where required.

This is permissible under the U.S.Bureau of Citizens and Immigration Services (BCIS) guidelines, whereby employers may hire temporary Foreign National employees through the H2B visa mechanism.

  • Jobs must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be a one time peak load or intermittent position
  • Employment contracts must be for less than one (1) year
  • There should be no qualified and/or willing U.S. citizen for these positions
  • Employer must provide all necessary documentation to obtain Labor Certification
  • Employer must respond in a timely manner to all requests for documents/information


Benefits: Obtain the EXPERIENCED SEASONAL personnel needs: 

All native English speaking personnel 

Pay minimum wage in most position categories 

Meet your service objectives during high volume and other periods 

Relief of administrative burdens finding suitable staff and freeing your HR team for other urgent matters 

IRSS will obtain the necessary work permit/visa for all workers 

IRSS will assist in providing housing needs in and around job locations 

We coordinate and arrange comprehensive job fairs in Jamaica